October 2, 2010

Let them eat cake

Last weekend I got to make another wedding cake! I think it turned out quite nicely. And, it was my first cake that sort of felt commissioned! Eek! Who would've thought I'd end up making cakes for fun and money? I distinctly remember saying I would never make another wedding cake after I made my first one. Go figure. But I love it!!! So thank you, Megan, for asking me to make your cake. You've changed my life. =D

I feel I should thank several people for this most recent cake. Thanks to the roommates for letting me turn the house into a disaster for a weekend, and for helping me clean it up! Thank you Madeline for the moral support and for the help covering the cakes with fondant! I'm pretty sure I would have gone crazy without you. Thanks to Sarah A. for helping me put flowers on the cake and adding that creative, right brained touch that I lack. And thank you Liz, for having enough faith in my cake baking abilities to ask me to make yours.

So, here's a history of cake baking in pictures. Enjoy!

Cake #1 - Megan

Cake #2 - Jody

Cake #3 - Carly

Cake #4 - Just for Fun

Cake #5 - Liz

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  1. Why did I not know about this blog?? You are the cake master.