November 30, 2010


Check out this website:
It's worth a few minutes of your time. I promise.

November 28, 2010

And yet another one.

This hobby is getting seriously out of hand. I need to spend more time studying pharmacy and less time smoothing frosting.

November 20, 2010


Another post? What? Why? How?

I didn't have to work today!!!! So I have plenty of time to wrestle with blogger and force it to post pictures.

I went to Disneyland for Fall Break this year. I spent 4 whole days in that happy land and one freezing day at the beach! It was glorious. I don't really feel like writing all about it, but a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Enjoy.

Whitney with Olivia and Eliza.

Olivia was tired. And the warm asphalt looked so comfortable.

Olivia and I went flying with Dumbo.

Good morning!!!

Ladybugs are almost as good as teacups.

Stephanie, Grant, Olivia, Julie, Whitney, Eliza

Another group picture. See if you can name the people in it this time. : )

Eliza loved posing for the camera.

Me and Whit.

Harry Potter

You know how I vowed never to go to another midnight movie showing? Oops. Probably shouldn't make promises I can't keep. Madeline convinced me to go with her. And, to make the experience even more fun, we bought tickets at a theater with no reserved seating. You know what that means.... At 9:00 pm we called the theater to see if there was already a line. There was. "But it's short," says the guy, "there are only 50-60 people in the 12:04 line." Short?!?!? That's not my definition of short. So, Madeline and I were in line by 9:30. We sat on the ground, observed the other movie goers, drew scars on our heads, and wrote Sarah a letter. Here are some pictures so you can feel like you were there too.

This is how Lon and Steve looked when they joined us in line. We gave them scars too.

And this is how the boys looked to my sleepy eyes by 3:00 am.

Lon's roommate Doug came too. He was supposed to bring a date (we were all feeling bad for this unknown girl), but then he just brought a friend instead. Bridger also came. And I had the lovely opportunity of making a new friend with the man sitting next to me. He came to Harry Potter by himself. And he listened to our conversations and added to it as he felt necessary. He showed me a scar on his hand. Moral of that story? Don't run with glass coke bottles. Then he told me he broke his sternum with his chin. Moral of that story? Don't play football. Moral of the whole story? Make Bridger sit by the random stranger.

And more cake...

We have cake at our house all the time. It's a bit ridiculous. In fact, no one in the apartment wants to eat cake anymore because we're so sick of it. So, of course, I had to make another cake for no reason. Okay, maybe not for no reason. Jenna asked me to make a cake for her mom's 50th birthday. And I decided to experiment with chocolate. Here's the result.

I'm not a huge fan of how it turned out. It's not bad, but I wouldn't want it for my cake.

Oh, and I gave the cake away.