November 20, 2010


Another post? What? Why? How?

I didn't have to work today!!!! So I have plenty of time to wrestle with blogger and force it to post pictures.

I went to Disneyland for Fall Break this year. I spent 4 whole days in that happy land and one freezing day at the beach! It was glorious. I don't really feel like writing all about it, but a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Enjoy.

Whitney with Olivia and Eliza.

Olivia was tired. And the warm asphalt looked so comfortable.

Olivia and I went flying with Dumbo.

Good morning!!!

Ladybugs are almost as good as teacups.

Stephanie, Grant, Olivia, Julie, Whitney, Eliza

Another group picture. See if you can name the people in it this time. : )

Eliza loved posing for the camera.

Me and Whit.

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