January 24, 2011

Ding Dong...

What time is it? 7:15? Who could possibly be ringing the door at this hour?

(shuffling to the door in my jammies...peeking out the eye hole...seeing no one)

Crackle crackle

Hmm. That's sounds an awful lot like a walkie talkie. I guess I'd better open the door and see who it is.


A police officer! What happened? Does he think we witnessed something?!?!

Hello. Does a Madeline B____ or Kayleen S____ reside here?

Oh no! Someone got hurt or died! Madeline's dad!

Or Evan!

No, probably Madeline's dad.

Madeline lives here, let me get her for you. Come on in.

whisper whisper: There's a police officer wanting to talk to you.

Hi. Madeline? Do you own a Jeep Cherokee?

Yes. (in a sleepy, confused tone)

Is it supposed to be here?

Ack! Her car's been stolen! But how could he know?

Yes...is it not?

We found it in the middle of the street with the doors open. We wanted to give you the chance to pick it up before we impounded it.

Oh! Thank you. I'll get my keys.

Umm...the car is also registered to Kayleen S_____. Any chance she could have left it there?

No. She lives in Colorado.

Okay. I'll give you a ride to your car.

And so began the adventure. Well, maybe that was the most exciting part.

But, Madeline's car was stolen, hot-wired, in fact, from our own covered parking spot. When Madeline and the policeman got to her car, they found that her key would not turn the car on due to several cut wires in the steering column. They couldn't leave the car where it was because it was in a no parking zone. So, the officer brought Madeline back to me, and the two of us headed out to the abandoned jeep, a mere 4 blocks from our home.

Then began the fun of calling the insurance company, who called the towing company, who called their people in Utah, who couldn't find us because the out of state towing company insisted on giving them our address as a name instead of number ("We promise, it'll be easier if you tell them 950 S. than Mountain Road.*"). We didn't get back to our apartment until 9:15. Good fun, if ever there was.

Oh, and then we ate blueberry pancakes.

The End.

*Street names and addresses made up. So don't bother stalking us...

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  1. Ahh!!! How did it take me this long to find your blog?!? I have been checking that dumb google pages site for years waiting for you to update it and all along you have been quietly writing an awesome blog here....