December 13, 2011

Just My Luck

I met a boy today.

Today was ward temple night. We were the only two people to show up to carpool. We are in Blanding. The temple is in Monticello. That's about a 20 mile drive. Taking into account the snow, the dark, the chance of deer, it's at least a 30 minute drive. So, I had plenty of time to get to know him.

14 Nice Things About Teddy

1. His name is Teddy. Like Teddy Roosevelt. Does it get any better than that?
2. He drove to Monticello. Therefore I didn't stress about deer and driving in the snow.
3. He's very nice.
4. He opened all my doors for me.
5. He's tall.
6. He is quite good looking. Especially in a suit.
7. He is easy to talk to.
8. He managed to avoid hitting the deer that appeared out of nowhere. Also, I wasn't driving at the time (see #2).
9. He is great at making conversation. Almost no silence the whole drive, and the silence that did occur wasn't awkward.
10. His family owns goats!
11. He's smart.
12. He loves country swing dancing. Like more than me even.
13. He made me laugh.
14. He served his mission in Independence, Missouri.

Oh, did I mention? Teddy returned from his mission on Saturday.


  1. As in he's only 21? Either way though, he sounds nice.

  2. Yes. Maybe 22. He was very nice.

  3. Meh, no big deal :) Are you down there for pharmacy? I'm out of the loop!