August 26, 2012

A Little Family History

While in New York, I dug through some of Aunt Linda's photo albums. She went back to Taiwan when she got married and brought back some family pictures. My mom hadn't brought any pictures with her to America, and never returned to Taiwan like Aunt Linda. Because of this, I have almost no pictures of my mother before I was born. It makes me sad because I get pretty nostalgic about this kind of thing.

Now I am pleased to introduce you to some of my family. (Please excuse the quality. Due to lack of better equipment, these are just pictures of pictures.)

Warning: I am about to picture dump. I apologize, but it's gonna happen none the less.

The Grandparents

Look closely - do you see the curly hair? He's the man I got it from.
Isn't she stunning?

The Family

Does the person on the left look familiar? It's my mom!

I love the composition of this picture. I need a copy for my wall.

The Aunts and Uncle


Daisy with my cousin Peggy



Jenny and Peggy

Daisy, Joe, Linda
My grandpa used to own a factory that made blow up furniture. Here's the proof.

Linda and Mom

My Mother

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